Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Ready to Get Into The Ring With Amanda Overmyer

Hey everyone - thank you so much to everyone that voted for Amanda Overmyer - she made it to the top 20!

Here's what the judges had to say:
"You're the real deal! You're authentic and I love every bit of it!" - Paula
"I like the trousers!" - Randy (seriously those were hot!)
"I gotta tell you that I really like you. You stand out in the crowd" Simon
And Ryan chimed in with: "Finally, the first contestant that can whoop Simon's butt!" Ryan

Amanda really listens to the judges and I have a feeling we're all going to be even more impressed with her the longer she's in this thing. So, be sure to watch again this week - and vote, of course! I didn't like seeing her up there waiting for Ryan to seal her fate. Let's make sure she doesn't have to go through that again!
Like last week, Amanda will be performing on Fox Network Wednesday, February 27th at 8 p.m. (Please check your local listings). Pass this along to get even more people voting for Amanda and go to to see pictures and learn more about her.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Amanda Overmyer Performs Past First Round

I Hate TV Suspense!!!

Tonights show was brutal as 4 more American Idols were eliminated 2 guys and 2 girls and Seacrest decided to put Amanda Overmyer on stage with Joanne Borgella saying that everyone else was safe but either Amanda or Joanne were eliminated. So after a "The Moment of Truth" pause it was Joanne that was eliminated. With this little TV scare I encourage every who loves Amanda Overmyer to make sure to vote for her on time, take a little time out of your day to Watch American Idol and Vote, Vote, Vote, for Amanda. Its down to the Final 20 so show the support people!
Here at Amanda Overmyer Fan blog we would like to take a little time and say good luck to the eliminated idol stars Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella, Colton Berry, and Garret Haley. Even though they were not chosen to go to the next round we wish them the best of luck at whatever they decide to do past this experience and I hope that when anyone passes these four great singers that the will give them the love that we are today. Congratulations to all four people we are here for you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vote now for Amanda!!!

Thank you everyone who voted for Amanda Overmyer!!!
Tonight we see she will make the next round, make sure you stay tuned!!!

Good Luck Amanda Overmyer!!!

Today is the first day of the American Idol Women’s chosen 12 to battle it out against each other, stress of national TV as well as the American Idol Judges Randy, Paula, and Simon. Here at the Amanda Overmyer Blog we wish her good luck today and will be routing her on as she makes a huge debut and journey to become the next American Idol. GOOD LUCK AMANDA!!!

Simon is on the prowl as last night out of the best 12 men he only found comfort in a limited few as possibly becoming the next American Idol but you must respect his critiques as well as his judgments "IN SIMON WE TRUST" the guy just know what he is talking about all the time. Sure he hurts some feelings but as a judge he probably has to be the most experienced which indicates he knows best. And guess what so far he has been giving Amanda Overmyer tons of compliments and few critical judgments.

Make sure you check it out tonight February 20, 2008 and check you local FOX Network American Idol listing for the time it comes on.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amanda Overmyer Makes Top 24

Cool and calm Amanda Overmyer walks into the firing lane of American Idol Judges Simon, Paula, and Randy. After a few seconds of Simon telling her that they were not sure she was right for the competition she goes on as one of the top 12 Women selected to go on to the next round in San Diego. Filled with joy she will be working hard to keep her spot as the next American Idol and possibly one of greatest American Idol Music Artists yet.

Make sure you check out all the news and updates here, American Idol as well as

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Amanda Overmyer Blog Up and Running

Welcome to Amanda Overmyer Fan Blog we are a just fans who enjoy Amanda Overmyer's music and her compeditive edge over everyone else in American Idol TV Show on Fox Network. She is the perfect upcoming singer being a hardcore individual who rides motorcycles as well as cares for people as a nurse this bas ass chick can also whale out her lungs in signing. Stop by as we bring more and more information to Amanda Overmyers Fans.