Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Amanda Overmyer Performs Past First Round

I Hate TV Suspense!!!

Tonights show was brutal as 4 more American Idols were eliminated 2 guys and 2 girls and Seacrest decided to put Amanda Overmyer on stage with Joanne Borgella saying that everyone else was safe but either Amanda or Joanne were eliminated. So after a "The Moment of Truth" pause it was Joanne that was eliminated. With this little TV scare I encourage every who loves Amanda Overmyer to make sure to vote for her on time, take a little time out of your day to Watch American Idol and Vote, Vote, Vote, for Amanda. Its down to the Final 20 so show the support people!
Here at Amanda Overmyer Fan blog we would like to take a little time and say good luck to the eliminated idol stars Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella, Colton Berry, and Garret Haley. Even though they were not chosen to go to the next round we wish them the best of luck at whatever they decide to do past this experience and I hope that when anyone passes these four great singers that the will give them the love that we are today. Congratulations to all four people we are here for you.


Biker Babe Belle said...

I was so glad Amanda wasn't eliminated. I voted for her over 50 times. Amanda is the real deal. She is so awesome. I will continue to support her and cast my vote for her each week. Amanda-- you kick a$$. Keep rockin' girl!!!!!!!!!

ben said...

cant remember, will she have the same phone number every week or does it change

ben said...

love the pics. Amanda rocks. love her.

Evil Monkey Company said...

Amanda will not have the same number they change the number order each show around so make sure to watch the show and find out what her number will be for te next round as she makes the top 20.