Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Ready to Get Into The Ring With Amanda Overmyer

Hey everyone - thank you so much to everyone that voted for Amanda Overmyer - she made it to the top 20!

Here's what the judges had to say:
"You're the real deal! You're authentic and I love every bit of it!" - Paula
"I like the trousers!" - Randy (seriously those were hot!)
"I gotta tell you that I really like you. You stand out in the crowd" Simon
And Ryan chimed in with: "Finally, the first contestant that can whoop Simon's butt!" Ryan

Amanda really listens to the judges and I have a feeling we're all going to be even more impressed with her the longer she's in this thing. So, be sure to watch again this week - and vote, of course! I didn't like seeing her up there waiting for Ryan to seal her fate. Let's make sure she doesn't have to go through that again!
Like last week, Amanda will be performing on Fox Network Wednesday, February 27th at 8 p.m. (Please check your local listings). Pass this along to get even more people voting for Amanda and go to to see pictures and learn more about her.


Southfork fans said...

you are our American Idol. We love you and are voting for you.
Kathy & Scott and all the employees at Southfork

nicole said...

you should sing joey by concrete blonde. it suits you.

nicole said...

please sing joey by concrete blonde and i believe you will win

Wendell said...

You looked like the "Bride of Frankenstein" last night. And the song was aweful...get back to the way you were!

Lisa said...

Love your style and vocals. It is nice to see someone so talented and intellegent. Pick the right song and blow the judges away this week. Keep up the good work and rock on

Anonymous said...

Amanda,I've been a nurse for 20 years and I always dreamed of being a singer. Now I see my dreams in you. GO GIRL.. Go for it all. I wondered if you ever thought of doing any of
Annie Lenox. I think "Take Me To The River" would fit. Good Luck! I'm pulling for you. Lee Ann

val said...

Great song choice with the Joan Jett Number you rocked it and blew the judges away. you should try a Bonnie Raitt song your vocal style would really suit it. best of luck and keep rockin
Love your style

Lisa said...

Great job on 18 March, you really rocked the Beatles song. One week the judges tell you to stick to your roots and the next minute they want you to change it up. I think that your vocal style would suit a ballad like Dream On - Aerosmith, Knockin on Heavens Door - Bob Dylan, Total Eclispe of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler - no matter what you choose you will do a smashing job. Best of luck and continued sucess.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry that you got voted off. I thought that you were great!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see you touring one day. Keep Rockin your one of a kind!

Roxanne said...

Amanda, WE LOVE YOU! We have enjoyed every performance from you. You're amazing! If more age 40 something people like me would of voted, maybe you'd still be in the competition. Either way, you are now a household name and we believe you will go far with your music. Best of Luck. I'd definitely buy your CD.

cpm158 said...

rock on amanda rock on